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Update: Ok, so the previous Xbox Series X stock drop turned out somewhat in a way that is better than anticipated. Initially it was just Best Buy who should get stock in around 8am CT. That designation appeared to go pretty quick as epected. 

At that point Walmart shocked us by releasing a couple of rushes of stock from around 3pm ET. There wasn't a lot of caution at all on that drop, so we really observed units stay online for any longer than Best Buy's prior in the day. Obviously, the Xbox Series X and Series S is presently sold out at the two stores, yet given we figured we wouldn't generally observe anything else for the remainder of the year, we believe it's well worth watching out for the ball for the following not many days. Amazon specifically has hushed up of late, so you should check in as regularly as possible there. We have a rundown of retailer connects to check directly underneath.